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Ready to Return

After a year plagued with injuries meaning Chris didnt get much track time, it now looks like things are heading the right direction again. Chris is now fit and feels confident his leg is ready to return to action.

Chris only managed to race in about 5 meetings this year and had to cancel some meetings abroad on the Grasstrack. He said, " Things didnt work out the way i planned this year. I was hoping to capitalise on not having a Speedway team this season and get racing abroad on the Grasstrack. But it seems that the rough tracks on grasstrack are just too much for my leg right now. So i am going to have a think and decide whether to try again next season on the grass or concentrate on racing Speedway and give it a year or so to carry on strengthening my leg before giving the grass another go. Im now fit and ready to return so things are looking good. I have now sorted my race suit business which is going to be a major boost when talking to sponsors as i can guarantee they will get the coverage they need. Now i just need to get building bikes for next year and have a few practises and see what my options are."



New Business Venture

With the time off due to his injury and over the past few months Chris has been setting up a new business making Speedway & Grasstrack Suits. He is making them out of Kevlar and Nylon Material using a process called Dye-Sublimation which means you can print absolutely anything onto a race suit!

D-Star Racewear D*
For all your race wear needs contact Chris Johnson on;
Tel: 07771556065 or Email: info@d-starracewear.co.uk

Injury Halting Progress

Chris has had to take a break from racing after hurting his leg again at Collier Stree Grasstrack. On one of the smoothest Grasstracks in the UK Chris was racing at good speedway and finishes 3rd behind two World Championship riders.

Then in his second race after missing the start he raced through the pack from sixth place all the way upto 2nd in just under a lap and caught right up with the leader and was looking like passing until Chris lost his steel shoe and twisted his bad leg badly mid turn. You could see the pain he was in from a distance away just looking at his body language. He tried to carry on but had to pull up and withdraw from the meeting.

After seeing his specialist about his leg he has been advised to take a break and to build up the muscles in the gym. This is gutting news for Chris as it means he has had to pull out of the meeting in Miramont which was booked in over the winter. He is however looking at the possibility of flying down to watch the meeting to see all the people down in France.


More Graastrack Meetings Booked

After coming through the Swindon grasstrack Chris has now been booked into a few more meetings. He will be racing at Wimborne's meeting on the 30th May near Bridport and looking to mix it amongst a tough looking line up. Chris has also picked up an international meeting at Miramont in the south of France on the 14 August and is looking forward to racing in Europe. Hopefully he will be able to pick up some more meetings as he goes and is looking at a few more over in Europe.

Swindon Grasstrack Positive

Chris raced at the Swindon Grasstrack clubs meeting held on the 2nd May. He looked like he was settling in back on the grass during practise and then picked up a 3rd place in his first heat. His leg started to give him some problems during his first race and was struggling to move his left leg as he wanted to and was having to leg trail a fair bit.

He missed the start in his next heat and was filled in by all the other riders on the wet track and he pulled up after a lap of racing.

Due to the lack of riders still running in the meeting the next race was the final and Chris made a spectacular start and was leading the field for a couple of laps before the pain set in and he was overtaken by eventual winner Nathan Irwin. Chris carried on for a little longer but was forced to pull up.

Speaking to Chris since the event he said, "On race day i started off good and my leg was ok but on a very rough track the pounding took affect and i was getting a fair bit of pain from the leg and i was having to leg trail. This was pulling on my leg more and i wasn't sure where the pain was coming from at the time. I knew it was either the muscles or the actual bones and plates themselves and i didn't want to risk further damage so i pulled up.

Since then i have found out it was just the muscles causing the pain which is good news so it just means i need to crank it up a gear in the gym and try and get the muscles stronger. This is a similar problem to what i went through last year when i came back but obviously grasstrack is a lot harder on your body. I'm now looking forward to a few meetings i have penciled in and it should be a good season."



Grasstrack U-Turn Looking Possible

After advertising his bike over the winter and having some interest Chris has now decided to hang on to his grasstrack bike which means you may well see him on the grass this season. He is still without a team on Speedway and is content at starting the season in similar fashion to last season and having to prove himself to get a team.
He showed everyone what he could do after coming back from such a serious accident in 2007 and ended on a respectable average, although on the sidelines again through no fault of his own I might add.

Chris is all healed now and has just started training in order to be cleared to race by medical staff before returning to the track.


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