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May 2007


Isle of Wight v Workington

Workington were the visitors at the Isle of Wight on Tuesday night for the second leg of the Knock Out Cup match. The Islanders had a few problems throughout the meeting but managed to win on aggregate and progress through to the next round of the cup.

Chris didn't have a bad return from injury scoring 4+1 from 5 rides. It was clear he was in some discomfort and being involved in a heat 8 crash didn't help his fitness. This can be seen in the scores after having a good start to the meeting.

Isle of Wight Islanders = 52 (94)

1. Chris Holder................3, 3, 3, 3, 1' = 13+1
2. Cory Gathercole ..........2', 0, 3, 2' = 7+2
3. Jason Bunyan..............2, 2', 3, 3, 2 = 12+1
4. Krystof Stojanowski.....1', 3, 1, 3 = 8+1
5. Glen Phillips................2, 2, 2, 1 = 7
6. Andrew Bargh.............1, 0, F = 1
7. Chris Johnson.............3, 1', FX, 0, 0 = 4+1

Workington Comets = 43 (93)

1. Michal Rajkowski (G)....1, 1, 3, 0 = 5
2. Mattia Carpanese........0, 0, 1 = 1
3. James Wright..............3, 6^, 1, 1', 0 = 11+1
4. Craig Branney.............0, 1, 0, 2 = 3
5. Kauko Nieminen...........3, 2, 2, 4!, 2, 3 = 16
6. Charles Wright............2, 1', 2, M, 1' = 6+2
7. John Branney..............0, 0, 1', 0 = 1+1



Johno Returning

Chris will be back joining his side tomorrow on the Isle of Wight to face the Workington Comets. Although being advised not to ride for a further two weeks he feels his shoulder is strong enough to ride.

He said "The shoulder feels good now and the physio has really paid off. I can lift weights now and i just want to get back racing as soon as i can."



Injury named as a Dislocated AC Joint

Chris has been told by specialists that his injury is a dislocation on the AC joint in his shoulder. This is the bone on top of your shoulder connecting to the shoulder socket. Chris has continuing to have physio to get back on the bike as soon as possible.



Johno injury news

Chris had X-rays on his shoulder late on Sunday night which revealed no broken bones but a gap between the joints which suggests that his shoulder may have dislocated and also that he has torn his ligaments.

Chris is due to see a consultant tomorrow about the shoulder before heading to Ipswitch on Thursday for treatment with Brian Simpson to try and get back riding as soon as possible.

Luckily for Chris the weather is bad today which has meant the Isle of Wight fixture against Workington has been postponed.


Mildenhall v Redcar

Things didn't go to plan on sunday guesting for Mildenhall as Chris withdrew from the meeting with shoulder damage received from a crash in heat 2.

In the first running of heat 2 Chris made a good start off gate four and was leading going into the 3rd turn only for the red lights to come on as the tapes didn't go up properly on the inside.

In the re-run Chris didn't get the jump but was battling for second round the outside and looked like going round the Redcar pairing to take the lead when Jamie Courtney came down and his bike slid into Chris' path causing him to crash heavily.

Chris was in a lot of pain from the shoulder and had very limited movement. Chris appeared in the re-run as Courtney was excluded but looked in discomfort as he rolled around to collect the point for Mildenhall.

After the race he withdrew from the meeting after medical advice with a suspected broken clavicle and torn ligaments.



Guest call up!

Mildenhall were obviously impressed with Chris in his first two rides on Sunday scoring 3+1 so much so they have called him up to ride again this Sunday. Normally Chris would have been ineligible because of the 7 day rule but because the meeting with Rye House was abandoned it doesn't get logged as a meeting that took place. This is good news for Chris as it gives him an extra meeting in this quiet period in the Isle of Wight fixtures.



Mildenhall v Rye House

Chris rode on sunday for Mildenhall as a guest replacement for the injured Jamie Smith. It was going to be a tough afternoon as Mildenhall is a track which the Rockets ride well.

Chris made an excellent start in heat 2 and looked round for his team partner Mark Thompson and let him get the run around him up the back straight putting the Fen Tigers in a 5-1 position. Chris then sat behind Thompson and team rode to the finish line.

In Chris' next heat he made a good start with Mario Jirout but locked slightly mid turn which allowed Tai Woffinden up the inside leaving Chris in third.

The Meeting was later abandoned after a big crash in heat 9 involving Stuart Robson. Robson made the start but lifted going into the turn and went into the concrete fence at full throttle on one wheel. Legault took avoiding action laying his bike down but clipped Robson.

Robson was down on track being aided my medics for nearly an hour when the referee called a meeting with both teams riders and officials and called off the meeting. After the announcement of the abandonment Robson stayed on track with the paramedics for at least another hour before they got him on the stretcher and put him in the ambulance.

Mildenhall = 25

1. Tom P Madsen.....0,3,
2. Shaun Tacey.....1,1,3,
3. Kyle Legault.....3,2,
4. Jason King ©.....1,1*
5. Mario Jirout.....0,3,
6. Chris Johnson (G).....2*,1
7. Mark Thompson.....3,1,0

Rye House = 23

1. Chris Neath ©.....3,3,
2. Steve Boxall.....2*,0,2,
3. Tai Woffinden.....2,2,
4. Tommy Allen..... WITHDRAWN
5. Stuart Robson.....2*,2,
6. Adam Roynon.....1,3,1*
7. Luke Bowen.....0,0,0,0


The Islanders made the long trip up to the Lake District for their cup match with Workington only for it to be abandoned after heat 10 due to floodlight failure.

It was all going good for the Islanders and were leading at the point of abandonment. Chris was having a good meeting and was unlucky to be excluded in heat 2.

In heat 2 Chris made a mess of the start and was last going into the 1st turn and last coming out of the 2nd. He then rode straight round his team mate of turn 3 and chased down Branney. Going in the 1st Chris went for the inside and overtook Branney but coming out of the turn the Workington rider hit the back of Chris' bike and came down. It was a shame as Chris had nearly overtaken the leader Charles Wright when the lights came on. Chris was harshly excluded from the re-run. However team mate Bargh did manage to make the start and win the re-run for the Islanders.

In Heat 4 Chris made a better start and followed his team partner home to gain a 3-3 for Islanders.

In his next ride Chris was put out instead of the injured Gathercole and made good use of the ride. He made a great gate with team mate Holder and Chris followed him home for a 5-1 over the experienced pairing of Elite League rider Richard Hall and Craig Branney.

In heat 8 Chris made a bad start and was in third until ex GP rider Carl Stonehewer raced past. Chris then picked up another point in his last ride before the abandonment but unfortunately on the wrong end of a 5-1.

Workington Comets = 31

1. Carl Stonehewer...2, 3, 6, 1, = 12
2. R/R for Mattia Carpanese (CW, CW, CB, CW)
3. Richard Hall (G)...1, 1, 3, = 5
4. Craig Branney...0, 0, 2', 2', = 4+2
5. Kauko Nieminen...3, 3, = 6
6. Charles Wright...1', 2, F, 0, = 3+1
7. John Branney...1', 0, WITHDRAWN = 1+1

Isle of Wight Islanders = 32

1. Chris Holder...3, 3, = 6
2. Cory Gathercole...0, WITHDRAWN = 0
3. Jason Bunyan...2', 2, 3, = 7+1
4. Kris Stojanowski...3, 1', 2', = 6+2
5. Glen Phillips...2, 2, 0, = 4
6. Andrew Bargh...3, 1', 1, = 5+1
7. Chris Johnson...X, 1', 2', 0, 1, = 4+2


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