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November 2007


Johno Returning Home To Continue Recovery

Chris has been recovering well from his last operation and has been working with the physio's to start bending his injured leg and also using crutches. Chris took to the crutches well probably helped by his previous 3 month stint using them after his dislocated hip in 2004. He has been walking up and down the ward trying to build up his good leg which has lost a lot of muscle due to him being bed bound for five weeks.

Chris is returning home today(Friday) late in the afternoon after he has been given his last lot of IV anti-biotic's in Hospital. The anti-biotic's are given through a special PICC line in his upper arm which has a tube feeding up the vein to just above his heart. He will now have a District Nurse visiting his house for five more weeks continuing the IV anti-biotic's before he then starts a course of 6 weeks in a tablet form.

The reason Chris is on these anti-biotic's is because during the last operation swabs were taken and they found enough bacteria to produce a bug which could in effect weaken the metal plates and screws in his leg. The bug isn't a serious one and the doctors have said this is the best bug to have out of the lot as it's very easy to kill off.

Please be aware if anyone is still thinking of sending cards, you need to send them to the address below and not the hospital.

Chris Johnson
12 St. Andrews Road,
Hayling Island,
PO11 9JN



Johno's Fifth Operation Proves a Success

Chris underwent his fifth operation on Thursday 8th November. He was transferred to the Specialist Surgery ward before being taken down to theatre. A Plastic Surgeons team took charge as it was such a complicated operation due to the delicate work on with the blood supplies and muscle tissues.

He had his Fibia bone, blood supplies and muscle tissues taken from his lower leg. The bone removed was then cut in half to double up in the 10cm gap in Chris' Femur. Because they managed to double up the bone it means Chris' Femur will heal much better and be stronger. This hopefully now means Chris will be able to start weight bearing on the leg in around six months instead of the original twelve predicted before.

Chris is recovering well and is hoping to start using crutches this week with a view to being released in the next few weeks. He is a little upset as he won't be able to drink this coming Christmas or New Year due to being subscribed with anti-biotic's to combat an infection in his leg that if left un-treated could weaken the metal in his leg.

Chris would like to thank everybody again for their cards and to all those who have sent donations.

Don't forget you can still send cards and donations to Chris, please see the Press release below for more details.



CJ Racing Support Fund Launched

The CJ Racing Support Fund has been set up to aid Chris financially after his horror crash at Kings lynn on the 12 October which has left him in hospital nursing a very badly broken Femur, a broken Pelvis and a shattered Knee cap.

All money donated to the CJ Racing Fund will be used towards specialist treatment, equipment and living expenses throughout the next year or so while he recovers from his injuries. For more information visit the CJ Racing Support Fund web page.

You can now donate money to Chris using Paypals secure service which will allow you to donate money using your Debit or Credit Card. There is no fixed amount that you have to pay so you can donate as much or as little as you can afford. To donate using this online service simply click the button below;


Alternatively you can send Cheques to the following Address. Please make all cheques payable to CJ Racing.

Chris Johnson
12 St. Andrews Road,
Hayling Island,
PO11 9JN



Johno Progress

Chris has now been transferred to Oxford Hospital after undergoing two more operations to clean out the wound to stop any infection appearing in the leg.

Since Chris has been at Oxford he has undergone a fourth operation. This operation was to re-align the Pelvis and fix it in place using metal plates and screws. Also they removed the external fixater from Chris' femur and tried to stretch the leg to its correct size and then fix it in place with a metal plate. After the operation X-rays show chris' left leg is still 1.5cm shorter than his right.

Chris now has a 9 inch scar across his stomach and also a long scare which goes from just below his hip to below the knee.

A further operation has now been planned for this coming thursday. This operation should if all goes well be his last on the leg. The Plastic Surgeons team are planning to remove Chris' Fibia and all the muscles and blood supplies surrounding it, and then use it to fill the 10cm gap currently in his Femur. He will then be under close observation for about a week to make sure the blood vessels heal and do not clot otherwise he will be rushed into theatre to correct the problem.

Any one wanting to send cards or donations please send to the address below as Chris will be moving wards on thursday for his operation, all mail will then be forwarded to Chris himself. Please make all cheques payable to CJ Racing.

Chris Johnson
12 St. Andrews Road,
Hayling Island,
PO11 9JN


Johno Survives Horror Crash at Kings Lynn

Chris was involved in very nasty crash at Kings Lynn on the 12th October in Heat 14 of the Stars versus the Islanders League match. This being the last official match of the 2007 season for the Islanders.

Chris was hit by team mate Glen Phillips after he lost control on the last bend of the race. He hit Chris' rear wheel which then sent Chris head on into the concrete fence. Phillips also came down and his bike hit Chris before dramatically flying over the safety fence.

Chris was looked after by medics as they revealed Chris had a very badly broken leg which tore through his skin and his kevlar suit. One of the track staff at the Norfolk Arena picked something off the track which he thought was part of a bike, that in fact was 10cm of Chris' femur bone that had broken out through his suit. A mention must be said about team mate Chris Holder who sat with Chris the whole time while on track before being taken to Hospital via Ambulance.

Chris underwent an operation to clean the wound and the bone found on track. The bone was then placed back into Chris' leg and held using an external fixater. It was also revealed Chris had shattered his Knee cap and Broken his Pelvis. Surgeons told Chris and his family that he was very lucky to survive the accident due to the amount of blood lost.


Kings Lynn v Isle of Wight

The Islanders made the trip up to Norfolk to take on the Kings Lynn Stars in what was a nothing meeting in terms or points and league positions as the match is past the cut off date. The track had more dirt on it than the Islanders previous visit and it seemed to catch a few riders out. This can be seen in the score line with the Islanders suffering a heavy defeat. Chris Holder was the only big scorer with 14 points and the only rider giving him any backup was Johno who was the second top scorer on 5 points.

The match ended on a sour note being abandoned after heat 14 after a nasty crash involving both Islanders Chris Johnson and Gllen Phillips. For more info see the above press release.

King's Lynn = 61

1. Tomas Topinka 3,3,3,2, = 11
2. Paul Lee 1,2*,3,2* = 8+2
3. Daniel Nermark 3,2,3,3,= 11
4. Trevor Harding 2*,0,2*,2* 6+3
5. Chris Mills 3,3,2,1*, =
6. Adam Allott 3,2*,0,3 = 8+1
7. Simon Lambert 2*,2*,2*,2* = 8+4

IOW = 26

1. Chris Holder 2,6^,3,3 = 14
2. Corey Gathercole 0.1,ef,1, = 2
3. Jason Bunyan 1,1,0 = 2
4. Glen Phillips 0,0,1,0 = 1
5. Krystof Stojanowski 0,1,1,0 = 2
6. Andrew Bargh 0,0,0,0 = 0
7. Chris Johnson 1,1,1,1,1 = 5


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